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Leasing / Sales Options

Precision Locomotive offers a variety of locomotive lease solutions to fit your needs.


Net Lease

This type of Lease has the lowest monthly payments and offers the most flexibility. At the end of the lease you may have the option to either renew the lease for another term, return the equipment or buy the equipment. The Lessee is responsible for all maintenance and repairs of the locomotives.


Full - Service Lease


This type of lease has higher monthly payments than a Net Lease however all routine maintenance is included. We recommend a Full Service Lease for those who do not have the resources or capacity to perform their own locomotive maintenance. All Maintenance can be performed on site, at the customers location, eliminating the costly need to ship the locomotive off site.


Sale Lease Back


Precision Locomotive will purchase your qualified equipment, make repairs and lease it back to you. This is a great option for those seeking to free up much needed capitol to invest in other projects.


Custom Lease


At Precision Locomotive Leasing, we pride ourselves in solving problems for our customers. We'll listen to your needs and structure a lease that works for your! 

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