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Precision Locomotive aims to be your "One Stop Shop" for locomotive and rail equipment solutions. Take a look at the services we can offer.


Locomotive Leasing and Sales


Precision Locomotive can help with all your railroad equipment needs. If we don't have it, chances are we know someone who does. CONTACT US today and allow Precision Locomotive to offer a solution to your needs.


Locomotive Service and Repairs


Our sister company, PRECISION LOCOMOTIVE SERVICES, offers a full line of diagnostics, maintenance and repair services. 

  • Prime Movers - Installation of re-manufactured diesel engines using OEM guidelines to customer specifications

  • Fuel Systems - Complete inspection, testing, repair and upgrades of tanks, lines, filters, pumps and injectors.

  • Power Assemblies -  Inspection, repair, replacement of Rods, Bearings, Cylinder Liners and Pistons

  • Generators - Service, inspection, upgrades and Installation of Main, HEP and Auxiliary Generators and wiring and service panels.

  • Electrical - High and Low Voltage Locomotive Rewiring and upgrades

  • Water Pumps, Fans and Radiators - Complete repair, service and Inspection of water cooling systems.

  • Air Compressors - Inspection, service, replacement and installation of air compressors and parts.

  • Traction Motors - Inspection, service, repair and replacement.

  • Lube Oil System - Inspection, service, repair and replacement of Lube Oil Coolers and Oil Pumps.

  • Exhaust Systems -  Inspection, repair, service and installation of OEM emissions systems, After Coolers, Spark Arrestors and Manifolds. Installation of new Tier 0 Emission Kits that meet or exceed the new emission requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency.

  • On Site Wheel Truing / Profiling - Portable Wheel Truing designed to produce a renewed profile and eliminate flat spots

  • 92 Day, Annual and Tri Annual FRA Inspections - Precision Locomotive Services provides complete locomotive inspections that meet FRA requirements for Periodical Inspections. Our technicians can perform the inspections onsite or at a location you specify. We will perform the inspection to our requirements or yours


Locomotive Service Truck - Coming Soon!


Our Locomotive Service Truck comes to your locomotives, wherever they are, eliminating the costly and time consuming need to ship them to servicing facility and has the following capabilities:

•    Lube Oil - check level and fill
•    Compressor Oil - check level and fill
•    Governor Oil - check level and fill
•    Engine Water - check level and fill
•    Traction Sand – check level and fill
•    Piston Travel – check and adjust
•    Brake Shoes – check and replace
•    Cab Toilet – discharge, recharge and service
•    Cab – clean, sanitize, wash windows, remove trash
•    Safety – check all light bulbs - replace if needed, inspect steps, inspect and clean       walkways, handrails, grab irons and safety chains - note defects if any
•    Restocking of “Crew Packs” and First Aid Kits

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